The guide feels fresh, easy to browse and showcases the events with a strong sense of style…

Winchester Discovery Centre

We were tasked with updating our own original design for the Winchester Discovery Centre with the brief to create less of a listings guide and something with a bit more pizazz. We had to remain within the brand guidelines but were allowed to ‘play’ – ‘play’ led to doodling and doodling led to ‘colouring in’ the letters!

We continue to be impressed with the work of Park Corner on the “What’s On” guide for Winchester Discovery Centre. The guide is a huge part of our brand and the strong sense of style and great accessibility make it a perfect showcase for the Centre, our events and our services. The eye catching looks and ease of use are hugely valuable for the continuing success of our audience development. The ‘What’s On’ guide has many stakeholders and all are impressed with the quality of the design and the speed of turnaround. All of the above just makes my job easier

Gilbert Yates
Events Manager, Winchester Discovery Centre